SWS 12D4 Review | A Look At Alpine’s Best Selling SubwooferSWS 12D4 Review

The subwoofer we will be examing today is none other than the alpine SWS 12d4 subs. These alpine subs have sold like hotcakes in the car audio industry and its no surprise why. These are the “OG” alpine subs that are tailored for indivisuals who are looking for a cost effective approach while still getting a decent bass. Alpine is a company that has built itself a reputation for releasing subwoofers with phenominal price to performance ratios. Our SWS 12d4 review today will breakdown where the 12 inch alpine subs excels and where they fall short. The sws-12d4 subwoofers were used in my 2007 honda civic with a fairly powerful amp that had no problem running these subs at its max.

SWS 12D4 Review | What’s Inside

The SWS 12D4 subwoofer is a product that is available for a decent price, and that might attract some to it. It is a more simple subwoofer than some, and that is another thing that might attract people to it versus other subwoofer products. This subwoofer has dual 4-Ohm voice coil, and is 1500W peak with 500W RMS. The subwoofer is packaged in at a large 12 inch size and is one of the more larger subwoofers available in the market. The alpine sports also sport their unique and industy famous Kevlar treated pulp cone design.

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SWS 12D4 Review


– Priced competitevly well considering the specifications
– The Bass hits very hard when the proper AMP is used
– The subwoofer is visually good looking


– The build quality has room for improvement
– Although the Bass is heavy, actual music quality is not the greatest
– Setup might be fairly difficult for som


  • Pricing 95%
  • Subwoofer Design 88%
  • Subwoofer Features 87%
  • Music Quality 78%
  • Bass Power 89%
  • Subwoofer Build Quality 80%
  • Consumer Reviews 90%
  • Manufacter Reputation 94%
  • Overall 86%


The alpine sw 12 D4 subwoofers are great value based subwoofers and should seriously be considered for indivisuals looking to save a few bucks. The alpine subs are also amazing entry level subwoofers and a great choice if these are going to be your very first subwoofers. The bass hits mean, hard and aggressive when properly installed with an adaquete amplifer. Although the sound quality and build quality have room for improvement, the cheap price tag overshadows the subswoofers shortfalls.

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SWS 12D4 Review
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