Kicker CVR 12 review | A Look at Kicker’s Most Popular Subwoofers

Kicker 12" CVRThe Kicker CVR 12 is a subwoofer that is made to give off good sounds in a car. The kicker made subwoofer has been selling like hotcakes on various sites such as amazon which prompted us to give it a try. It is a good size subwoofer, and many people have found it to be one that they love. This subwoofer is 12 inches with 400W RMS power output and a maximum power output of 800W. The subwoofer was tested in a fairly large suv using a fairly powerful JL Audio amp and a custom made box that I made myself. The subwoofers were used for roughly a month as I wanted to ensure that the initial subwoofer break in period was completed to see what these subwoofers will sound like. Below is our Kicker cvr 12 review:


What’s Inside The Kicker CVR 12

The Kicker CVR 12 subwoofers come packed in with a circular 12 inch design. The subs have the patented kicker look and style which in my opinion is awesome as it separates itself from the bland and plain flat design so many other sub manufacturers use. Like we mentioned prior, the 12″ CVR subs function at 400W RMS power output and a maximum power output of 800W. A decent amp should have no problem handling this subwoofer if installed correctly. Lastly, the frequency response is set at 5-500 and a ssensitivity measurement of 86.9 D. 



Kicker 12″ CVR Subwoofers





  • Priced competitevly well considering the specifications
  • The Bass hits decently hard
  • The Kicker design is super sleek and good looking




  • Actual music and sound quality is not the greatest
  • The build quality is average



  • Pricing 93%
  • Subwoofer Design 94%
  • Subwoofer Features 86%
  • Music Quality 77%
  • Bass Power 88%
  • Subwoofer Build Quality 76%
  • Consumer Reviews 93%
  • Manufacter Reputation 93%
  • Overall 88%


As with any product, the one who is picking out a new subwoofer will have to think about what is right for them. And if they would like to take a bit of a gamble and pick up this subwoofer, then they should do so. Many have fallen in love with this subwoofer because of the great sound that it provides, and because of how cheap it is, and they will feel great if they pick up this subwoofer and find that it works well for them, too. I tend to agree with those people as I was satisfied with what I got and the money spent on these subs. They aren’t the most powerful subwoofers in the market but they function incredibly well considerably well for a mid range sub. I recommend the kicker subs if you are new and on a budget as the price to performance ratio on these subs is a big highlight. I hope our Kicker CVR 12 Review helped out those questioning whether the subwoofer is worth the purchase or not.