Competition grade subwoofer reviews: Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4

Competition grade subwoofer

The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 Dual 4 SPL Subwoofer 900W RMS is the most profound 8″ subwoofer Skar Audio has ever created. It has a large following among the audio head community which is not surprising when you look at it. A remarkable subwoofer to use for your own personal enjoyment but it is specifically designed to be used as a competition car subwoofer. The ZVX-8 will blow you mind.

Skar Audio has developed an intense, loud, heavy hitting, 8″ inch, competition grade car subwoofer. The ZVX-8 is an 8″ SPL 900 watt RMS power subwoofer. This car subwoofer is constructed with an impressive triple stack motor and dual ohm voice coil configuration.

TheZVX-8 car subwoofer can not only blow the roof off with its loudnessbut does so with perfection, sounding phenomenal. The ZVX-8 car subwoofer comes equipped with a high-quality cooling system designed to maintain level temps even if you are using the highest power ratings possible. In addition, a 25″ high temperature coil combineswith the advanced cooling system to provide thorough efficiency.

the ZVX-8 D4 Dual4 SPL Car Subwoofer projects only top quality sound. Skar Audio created an 8″ car subwoofer that provides clear and clean sound as loud as you can possibly handle. If you are looking for a top quality competition subwoofer, the ZVX-8 is all you need


  • 8 inch SPL 900 watt RMS power subwoofer
  • 25 inch high temperature voice coil
  • Includes dual 4 ohm voice coil settings
  • Features a massive triple stack motor

Bottom Line

It comes to no surprise why these competition grade subwoofers have been getting a lot of love from consumer reviews. The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 competition grade subwoofers are an absolute steal. The price to performance ratio with these subwoofers is insane. The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 competition grade subwoofers are price amazingly well for what you are getting. When it comes to sound quality, we were also impressed with the results we got when we set it up. In terms of subwoofer build, expect the skar audio subwoofers to last you quite some time as they built very well. That said, make sure to set this woofer up properly as they require a specific box design in order to get the best possible sound out of these competition grade subwoofers.

Editors Rating

  • Price To Performance 86%
  • Sound Quality 88%
  • Specifications & Features 90%
  • Manufacter’s Reputation 87%
  • Longevity 87%
  • installation 83%
  • Overall Score 89%