How to Clean Your Subwoofer: A Step By Step Guide

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If you want to extend your subwoofers life and overall longevity, it is very important to clean your subwoofer cone and its surrounding area. We recommend cleaning your sub will for at least once a month. A clean subwoofer ensures that your speaker system will consistently perform at an optimal level. The last thing you need is dust and dirt entering your subwoofer’s voice coils. Cleaning your subwoofer system is fairly straightforward and is actually pretty simple. Here is a list of the materials needed and step by step guide on clean your subwoofer system.


Items needed

•Clean Cloth that is Lint Free
•Small paint brush
•Vacuum Cleaner suction hose


Step 1

Begin cleaning the outside area of your subwoofer with your lint free cloth. Use small circular motions when cleaning and make sure to cover the entire area from top to bottom

Step 2

Once the surrounding area has been cleaned, proceed to remove your subwoofers cap/grill. If your subwoofer grill is set in place with screws, unscrew them and set them aside. If the subwoofer grill and screws are dirty, start by cleaning them.

Step 3

After removing the subwoofer grill cap plate, it Is time to clean the surrounding area that held the cone in place. Use the cloth and the paint brush to clean the narrow corners of the subwoofer. Take care of all the remaining dust with vaccum cleaner suction tube at the lowest possible setting.

Step 4

Once the grill’s surrounding area has been cleaned, its time to clean the internal cone.
It is extremely important to be gentle when cleaning the cone as it can be damaged fairly easily. Lightly clean the clone in a circular motion with the dry cloth (make sure it dry as water can damage the cone easily).

Step 5

Place the subwoofer grill back on and start to screw back any nuts and bolts that held the subwoofer in place.



Well there you have it folks, a step by step guide to cleaning your subwoofer system. We mentioned it briefly but we will reiterate it again, do not use water on the subwoofer’s cone. The cone is made out of a very delicate material and depending on the material used, water can potentially damage the subwoofer. Cleaning your subwoofer will protect your investment and increase the subwoofers life expectancy. It is recommend that your subwoofer is cleaned at least once every month.