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Alpine subwoofers Reviews | A look At the Type R Alpine Subs
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One of the most popular subwoofers in the market are none other than the Alpine Typ-R Subs. The Alpine subwoofer have had a massive presence in the subwoofer market for decades now and has built itself a reputation of offering high quality audio products at an affordable price. The Alpine Type R subwoofers are offered in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and even a 15 inch variation. I was able to get my hands on alpine type r 12 inch subwoofer and is the subwoofer I reviewed.  The alpine subs were installed in my brothers on my brother’s ford explorer using a fairly powerful kicker amplifier. I ran the alpine subwoofers for just over a month with a variety of music genres. The results are as follows:


1. Alpine Type-R Series


 alpine type r 12


  • Size: 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and 15 subwoofer
  • Ohms: Dual 2 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 350 watts RMS
  • Manufacturer: Alpine


  • Pricing 95%
  • Subwoofer Design 86%
  • Subwoofer Features 87%
  • Subwoofer Build Quality 87%
  • Subwoofer Performance 86%
  • Consumer Reviews 91%
  • Manufacter Reputation 90%

Editors Rating


As i mentioned earlier, the alpine subs being powered by the kicker amplifer were installed in my ford explorer SUV. I was able to run the alpine type r 12 for about a month and I was honestly surprised with the quality I got. The alpine type r 12 rivals some of the higher end subwoofers if you specifically prefer bass that is hard and strong. The alpine subwoofers really hit and I could see the the mirrors of my ford explorer shake and vibrate when a bass was dropped.

Where The Type R Alpine Subs Do Good

Alpine’s reputation of offering high-quality audio gear at an affordable price is how I look at this subwoofer. The 12 inch alpine subwoofer had a deep bass that was very powerful and could be heard from quite a long distance. People from far distances would be looking in our direction whenever the subwoofers were cranked up. Another quality feature the alpine subs have is pricing. The price to performance ratio on these subs is amazing and is recommended for anyone on a budget. The build quality is also something to behold as it is constructed to last while performing. The Kevlar material used to construct the Type Rs does a great job at keeping the sub durable and reduces the risk of any damage or blowout if you run it within the recommended range.

Where The Type R Alpine Subs Do Bad

Compared to some of the other top rated subwoofers, music clarity is not the greatest and there was a bit of distortion. The bass is deep and heavy however, sound quality can definitely be improved if your prioritize that over bass depth. Although the Type R subwoofers can support up to 1000 RMS, a few consumers have reported the alpines getting damaged when pushed close to that limit. On that note,  300-700 RMS is loud enough and I don’t see the point of pushing to that range unless you will be using it in a competition.

Concluding Thoughts On The Alpine Type r 12 Subs

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If you are looking a good quality sub that offers a great price to performance ratio then the type R alpine subwoofers should strongly be considered. The alpine type r 12 far exceeded my expectations and I was impressed to say the least. I rank these as the #7 top rated subwoofer on this site due to the value they provide. You will also find these subwoofers mentioned in multiple ranking listings which is rightfully deserved.  The bass is heavy and you can really the feel the power of the subs despite having a low price tag. That said, actual music quality and clarity is not the greatest and the alpine subs may get damaged if you push them close to their 1000 RMS limit. At the end of the day, the positives far outweigh the negatives and I recommend the alpine type r subwoofers any day of the week.

Here’s a video that showcases the power of the alpine type r 12 in a small lancer to give you an idea and what to expect:

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